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uppada sarees

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Bio: i work for bridal couture . i would like to give some tips to preserve your bridal sarees . No other attire gives beautiful for women on wedding rather than a beautiful saree. Wedding saree is the epitome of elegance as it is every woman's first love. At different wedding ceremonies, the brides prefer stocking up on the different range of sarees as it finds the place in every Indian bride's wardrobe.
Weddings require exquisite
During weddings, women are said to highlight the beauty of the sarees. As they are lavish and ultra luxurious with extensive designs, complex and exaggeration. They are designed in such a way to add look to the bride on the special occasion thereby drawing the attention of everybody. Dark colors are more preferred in wedding collection that includes red, pink, and some other bright shades. In fact, the color depends upon the skin tone of the bride. Zardosi, Diamante, Patch, embroidery work, Kunduns are few of the wedding saree works that most of the brides prefer.
Tips to maintain
At times the sheer joy of wearing silk sarees may be lost thinking about its maintenance. The care and maintenance of different bridal sarees depend upon the type of the material and design of the sarees. The sarees can last longer if taken care properly and there are benefits to you and your wardrobe.
• Avoid soaking for the first three washers and make sure to use only clean, cold water to wash them.
• Always refold them time to time to avoid the tear.
• Use old pillow covers to keep heavy sarees in them or wrap a cotton cloth around the saree and placing it separately.
• Fold the sarees, once after it is completely dried up and use hangers to place them in your wardrobe.
• In case of any stains, then it is preferred to dry clean wash the affected area separately.
• As to protect the color of your bridal sarees it is advised not to dry them in direct sunlight.
• Ensure that the saree is not ironed directly rather prefer ironing by placing the saree revers.
• Wash them separately by using the mild detergent or protein shampoo.
• Do not keep the sarees in detergent or water for a long time while washing.
• Be careful while washing them as they need special care to avoid wrinkles and stains.
• Avoid using brushes for the flashing of the sarees to protect the zari or heavy borders.
The most common factors that adversely affect the existing beauty of sarees can be,
• Climatic conditions, either during rainy Seasons or overexposure to sunlight
• The place in which the saree is stored
• The way in which the saree is folded and placed in the wardrobe
Every saree is exquisite in its own way. And to cherish the memorable and traditional bond with wedding sarees women take extra care to preserve them for years together. The tips provided above will help to maintain the beauty and luster of your silk sari for decades to come.

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the bridal sarees webpage kanjivaram silks gives nice tips on maintaining your bridal sarees for years. follow these steps to preserve your silk sarees so you can pass it to the next generation as new.