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Bio: Topak Power Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China 18.5v lithium ion battery manufacturers and suppliers with best China 18.5v lithium ion battery, 18.5v lithium battery polymer pack, 18.5v li-ion battery cylindrical pack, 18.5v lithium battery cylindrical pack factory, welcome to wholesale products from us.
18.5V Lithium Ion Battery
1) Environmental friendly
2) High density of energy
3) Low self-discharge
4) Low internal resistance
5) Long cycle life of more than 1500 times
6) No memory effect
7) Doesn’t contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage
Cells Type Polymer Lithium ion cells or Cylindrical Lithium ion Cells
Standard Voltage 18.5V (5 Cells in series)
Standard Capacity 100mAh to 50Ah
Full Charge Voltage 21.0V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 13.75V
Standard Charge Current 0.2C
Max. Charge Current 1.0C
Standard Discharge Current 0.5C
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 1.5C
Peak Discharge Current 3.0C (≤3S)
Weight 75g to 6.0Kgs
Dimensions According to the Requirements
Cycle Life ≥ 500 times (≥85% of Initial Capacity)
Working Temperature Range -20~65 degree Celsius
Storage Temperature Range 23±5 degree Celsius
Warranty 1 Year
Lithium Battery Notice
1. Do not heat the battery directly or thrown into a fire.
2. Do not assemble or store in high temperature (over 60 °C) environment
3. Do not short-circuit the battery directly.
4. Do not use acid corrosion of the battery casing.
5. Do not throw it into water or put in wet environment.
6. Do not knock, impact the battery.
7. Do not anatomy cell or change the internal structure of the battery.
Lithium Battery Advantage
* Safety: LiFePo4 is the safest lithium-ion battery cathode material, not burning and no explosion.
* Environmental protection: LiFePo4 does not contain any harmful heavy metal elements, pollution-free both in production and actual use.
* Long cycle life: can charge and discharge more than 1500 times.
Packaging & Shipping
Packaging Details: cartons with pallet.
Delivery details: 15-20 days after receive deposit.
Payment Terms:
We accept T/T, West Union, Paypal, L/C and so on.
Company Informations:
TOPAK POWER,a professional battery solution supplier, established in 2007. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sale of battery and solar power systems. Products are
widely used in the field of civil and industrial.
The factory area cover more than 30000 square meters. TOPAK POWER NEW ENERGY has the core consumer electronics team of technical experts and top product desingers. We got great
achievements on energy development. Products are exported to Europe, North American, South American, Afirca, Middle-east and Asian countries.
We strictly carry out ISO 9001:2008 quality system and ISO14001 environment management system.Our products meet CE, RoHS certification standards. With strong capital, large productivity,
advanced technology and best after-sales, we’ll constant innovation, rapid development to build up a prestigious brand in the world.Company holds the principle of management“customer first,
Honesty first, Quality first”, wholehearted welcome inquiry and create more beauty future with you!

Our Services:
1. Best Quality and Best Service for any orders. No matter big or small orders.
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3. We provide resolve methods for you.
4. Please contact and inform us what's the problem you met for quality issues.
We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from A&S Power. Furthermore, we also provide 3-year warranty for batteries and if any quality problems, not caused by improper
use or man-made, A&S Power will replace one by one.
“Market and Technical support email within 24 hours”
1. Q:Where can I get the price?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we'll regard your inquiry priority.
2. Q: How can I get a sample to check your quality?
A: After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality.
3. Q: What about the lead time for mass production?
A: Honestly, it depends on your order quantity and the season you place the order. We suggested that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to get the products at your
4. Q: What is your terms of payment?
A: We accept T/T, West Union, Paypal, L/C and so on.
Davis Zhan/ Sales Executive
Ph/Whatsapp: +86 18320799025
Skype: zhanchangwei
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Lithium ion cylindrical battery pack