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Registriert seit: 13.08.2018
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Bio: ZHEJIANG MEISHUO ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD found in 2007,We are professional manufacturer, our main product : automotive relays, mini relays,pcb relays,power relays,latching relays,solendoid water valve , automotive connector and harness.
We have more 690 employees,20 automatic production lines, and have systemic quality control system. We have ISO9001.ISO14001,IATF16949,OHSAS18001 certificates. And products according UL,TUV,CQC,ROHS,REACH standard.
We cooperate with many sutomers, such as: Midea,Hella,CHIGO,Steel mate,PLC…….
We always provide high quality to our customers, Looking forwarder to cooperate with you.

Dpdt Power Relay factory