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Bio: Product introduction:
Strong Power upsetting machine with Best quality and easy adjustment, this machine can enlarge the rebar end diameter by upsetting the rebar end, this is heavy duty machine with stable working performance but still easy adjusting.
Product details:
Model Number: 1200-1800
System: Parallel Thread Upsetting System
Model: LD1200, LD1800
Features: Easy operation
Advantage: 100% bar break
Standard: ACI318, BS8110, JGJ107
Thread Type: Parallel thread
Rebar Dia.: 16-40mm
Package: Wooden case
BEST Quality Strong Power Upsetting Machine
Rebar forging machine is used for parallel thread mechanical splicing system designed for the splicing of reinforcing bars from Φ16~Φ40. This machine is designed according to Chinese Rebar Mechanical Splice Standards including JGJ107-2010.
1. Product Features
Our Products are designed and manufactured in compliance with ACI318, JGJ107, BS8110, and some of the other country standards it grantee the Full-Tension splice and bar break under tensile tests. Also the machine is easy operation with easy installation and maintenance.
2. Product Type:
Parallel Thread Rebar Splicing with Cold Upsetting End
The working steps are as follow:
(1) Rebar End Cutting
(2) Cold upsetting to enlarger rebar ends
(3) Threading the rebar ends by thread cutting
Through over 10 years' development, BARTECH is now well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of best quality strong power and easy adjustment rebar upsetting machine in China. Our factory is specialized in offering higher strength, cost effective and easier fixing products made in China for customers. Please rest assured to buy or check the quotation.Rebar Thread Rolling Machie quotation