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Bio: Fabric Dining Chairs detailed specification as below.
Dining chair in different kind of upholstery,
1. Fabric in velvet , 45 degree foam for seat, and 35 degree foam for chair back rest, and 40 degree foam for chair arm.
2. Fabric in lien with UK standard fire proof rate, high density foam from degree 35 to degree 45.
3. Upholstery in PU leather with different kind of color, like off-white color, yellow color, and green color.
4. Customer design is also acceptable.
Our Showroom:

Our factory:

Our Contact:

Wooden color for choose:
1. Package:
A. Complete woven bag packing, protecting leg intensively
B. High quality woven bag or carton ,inside with EPE bag and foam in order to resist heavy pressure, it is enough strongly for long distance transport.
2.Payment term:
30% deposit,70% balance before loading
3.Lead time:
25-30days after receiving 30% deposit
50 sets per model
5.Main export market:
North America, Europe, Middle East, South Asia
6. We offer other service:
OEM is acceptable
Packing details:
Standard export carton packaging: thin film + pearl cotton + protect horn
K = K carton, splint wooden packaging materials, etc
Or any packages according to customer's requests.
Customer comments:
"We loved working with HUASHENG for our hotel remodel. They were able to work within our budget and give us the best quality furniture for our money. They are fabulous to work with, and always very responsive to questions. We will definitely be working with them on future projects." - Hilton Hotel in FijiDining Chair price