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Bio: About us
Tongcheng City Dafuhao Brush-making factory is a privately-owned company founded in October,1988. The chef of management personnel of the company are possessed with decades of experience in brush making and developing. Have a strong awareness of modern business management.
The factory is located in Tongcheng City in China which is known as “the hub of brush-making”and is a famous historical and cultural city in Anhui province.
Our factory has strong technical force, advanced equipment and quality-inspection facilities. We also boast a large number of technical personnel with years experience in brush-making industry and a team of first-class marketing staff. Our products export to many countries around the world.
Our major products include: drill brush, chalk paint brush, paint brush, paint roller. Customized brushes or rollers can be made.No Bristle Shedding Chalk Paint Brush Free Sample