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Registriert seit: 19.08.2017
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Geschlecht: Female
Ort: Delhi, India
Bio: Working as a writer for online fashion venture ‘IndiaRush’, I have discovered that the store is best for modern women to stay fashionable and trendy without affecting their valuable pocket. Also, the vivacious range of ethnic wears and western dresses are designed by keeping the latest fashion trends and desires of women in mind. Moreover, you can also avail pile of whopping offers and discounts on every purchase and make the most of your online shopping instantly. Get ready to explore the most attractive and finest quality designer wears such as sarees, salwar suits, kurtis, bridal lehengas, ethnic gowns, dupattas, western dresses, tops and other fashion accessories from our online store and reinvent your sassy style statement in a snap.
IndiaRush also offers exclusive collection of best party outfits, office dresses, wedding clothes, bridal wears and many more to bring you closer to ongoing fashion trends and make you the style icon of the season. Let’s shop together.

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